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Research Highlights

Find below some recent publications. For a more complete look at Bob's publications see Dr. Hanner's Google Scholar page.


eDNA tracks population cycles

One of the golden grails of eDNA use is its application to monitoring population densities. Here, we use highly controlled mesocosm experiments to track zooplankton dynamics.


Metabarcoding reveals biodiversity hotspots in streams

Freshwater ecosystems are increasingly subject to landscape modification and agriculutral intensification. Here, we use modern metabarcoding techniques to show the existence of hyperdiverse benthic invertebrates in these highly impacted areas. 

brook trout.jpeg

Brook Trout or No Brook Trout?

Brook trout are species of significant concern in Southern Ontario. Their requirement of cold water has left them highly impacted. Here, we reveal new novel DNA techniques to efficiently and easily track brook trout at low densities.

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