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Welcome to The Hanner Lab!

Uncovering the Latest Findings

The Hanner Lab

The Hanner lab prides itself on its research, mentorship, and training of highly qualified personnel. Central to this work is the translation and transfer of scientific knowledge through partnerships across faculties, institutions, and among government, industry, and academia. 

Our research is broad and always collaborative in nature. Work in the Hanner lab involves assessing biodiversity using integrative approaches including traditional morphological identifications, molecular identification techniques, and other approaches to specimen identification. Our systems of interest are vast and include natural ecosystems, bioinformatic studies and meta-analyses, regulatory applications to food and environmental concerns, and food fraud & production pathway analyses.

Mission To conduct applied and discovery-based intellectually rigorous research that provides insight to societally important issues and challenges. Paramount to this work is fostering the intellectual development and acquisition of skills for students and personnel to better contribute to society through scientific inquiry and effective communication of science based evidence.

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