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The MDMAPR 2.0 is an open-source and extensible Shiny web application that is able to merge raw qPCR fluorescence data and metadata together to facilitate the spatial visualization of species presence/absence detections. The application can visualize qPCR fluorescence curves and standard curves to evaluate data quality. MDMAPR 2.0 aims to centralize varied qPCR data, which includes data from pathogen and environmental qPCR species detection studies, gene expression studies, and quantification studies used in identifying pathogen-associated health threats.

The MDMAPR 2.0 shiny application has the option to be connected to a custom developed MySQL database to populate the applications interface with data. Data can also be uploaded directly on the application for analysis.

The Hanner Lab web-based instance of the MDMAPR 2.0 is available at: This instance of the MDMAPR 2.0 is preloaded with mock data and is intended for researchers who want to familiarize themselves with the application and its functionality.

More detailed information on the MDMAPR 2.0 is available at