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Sonja Andrekovic

MSc candidate

I am currently completing a MSc of Biotechnology at the University of Guelph. I completed my BSc in Environmental Biology and Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2018 and I expect to complete my MSc in 2021. I was always interested in the way living systems worked, on all scales, and science allowed me to explore and understand the complexity of life even further. I also have a mixed background in environmental studies as well as molecular biology. I worked in a human genetics lab in my undergrad for over 1 year focusing on cell signaling cascades in mammalian disease, as well as worked with Bayer CropScience doing field research for over 2 years. I joined the Hanner Lab because the lab mixes both environmental studies with molecular biology, which is a collaboration of my expertise and interest. Currently, I am working on analyzing soil microbial data for Detour Gold to help understand microbial community dynamics in response to soil amendments. I am also maintaining a research project in the greenhouses looking at lichen growth in response to different treatments. My research interests include environmental research related to restoration as well as climate change, and epigenetic changes in response to environmental variables. My hobbies include long-distance running (and any running really!) - I have been running my whole life and have competed in national races in New Zealand! I love back-country camping, especially in Northern Ontario. I also love Identifying tree species in nature- I find trees so interesting and get excited with new opportunities to learn more about them - my favourite tree right now is the Tamarack! Also travelling and trying new foods!!! I hope to continue integrating molecular biology with environmental biology in a biotechnological lens to create solutions for a more sustainable future.

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